One should have control over their weight. Obesity is the reason of many health problems so never exceeds weight limit to be healthy. However we depednds on doctors and spend lot of money to get weight under control but recent researchs says that we have better tip rather than wasting lot of money which can be perform at the home it self to loose weight.

we all know that fruits are one of the best solution to maintain our weight under control pineapple is one of the best in the list. The university of oklahoma revilled an intresting facts and now they added a jaint fruit in the list. The researchers said that mango is the one which can controls not only the weight and also can control type-2 daibeties. Mango is also known as king of fruits.

The researchers came to know that the fiber with in the mango helps to reduce fat content, they feeded mango to 60 rats about 12 weeks, they observed that there is apparent change in their weight due to the fiber with in the mango and also they warns that the intake of mango must be according to their physician to get good results otherwise will find more weight issues.

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