Vangaveeti movie review and rating

Vangaveeti movie review and rating

Here is the exclusive Vangaveeti movie review and rating!

Story, screenplay, direction : Ram Gopal Varma

Producer : Dasari Kiran kumar

Writer : Chaithanya Prasad, Radha Krishna

Cinematography : Rahul Srivastav, K. Dilip Varma, Surya Chowdhary

Starring : Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly

Music director : Ravi Shankar

Editor : Siddhartha Ratholu

Production company : Bad-Cow films


Vangaveeti Radha (Sandeep Kumar) who is a growing ruffian, becomes popular earning name for his crimes in his home town, Vijayawada. Meanwhile the family of Devineni goes in rivalry with Radha and form groups against him. They then assassinate Radha as per their plot. How the men from the families of Vangaveeti and Devineni later take forward the rivalry forms the remaining story.

Cast and crew performance:

Sandeep Kumar who played both the roles of Vangaveeti Radha and Mohana Ranga, is fabulous to the core and is one such actor who has a great career ahead.  Vamsi Krishna of Happy Days fame has done a great job as well. Naina Ganguly is good in her traditional look.

Cinematography is one of the major assets of the film. Songs are good and background score is top notch. RGV has once again proved his mettle in making a revenge drama out of real life characters.


Sandeep Kumar

Interval scene




Couple of songs

Bad dubbing at few places

Too many bloodshed scenes

Final Verdict:

Vangaveeti is a revenge drama that every commercial film has but has been well executed by Ram Gopal Varma. Sandeep Kumar’s performance as Vangaveeti is worth watching the film. Go watch it if you had loved Raktha Charitra and are excited to know the most popular revenge story of Vijayawada.

Deccan Report Rating: 3.25/5

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