That city made AP stay first again in AIDS

A recent survey again declared Andhra Pradesh state stands first in AIDS , the most dangerous diseases. A social organization which seems to have keen interest on public issues came forward to conduct a survey on AIDS effected , for which the result surprised the entire country.

Guntur , the city of Andhra capital made Andhra to stand ahead in AIDS ,with 7265 official members registered themselves as AIDS patients in which 3215 are females. Though East and West Godavari districts tried high competing each other for second place East Godavari rushed forward pushing West Godavari to third place in AP.

To the surprise it is known that prostitution is banned in Andhra but the results surprised everyone where Maharastra which had Mumbai famous for Red Light area stood third pushing West Bengal to second place.

The rate of AIDS patients are still increasing day by day instead of decreasing even though when govt. is spending more than 150 crores per year to create awareness and care of HIV infected but the result seriously disappointed the officials.

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