Prakash raj questions KTR on Live show

It’s pretty tough to put out a tricky queston on a Live TV show where some celebrity is questioning senior politican. A head of GHMC elections in Hyderabad KTR interacted with general public through a live show organized by a popular TV channel and actor Prakash raj took this as oppurtunity to question the Panchayat raj minister about the Drinking issues in Hyderabad land. KTR was asked this question all of a sudden on the live where KTR was seen silent for few minutes and he spoke out. He said the programme Mission Bhageeratha programme that was started by TRS recently which was a great intention to provide drinking water to all the 10 districts of Telangana by April this year. He also revealed few plans of keeping out reservoirs in Hyderabad city to end up the water problems for the people here.

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