Mister review, rating, live updates, public talk

Mister review, rating, live updates, public talk

Mister review:


Chai (Varun Tej) who tours Spain, happens to meet Meera (Hebah Patel) and falls in love with her initially. Later he comes to know about her love story and then decides to help her. On his way he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) and rescues her from local rowdies. Things go unplanned and Chai gets betrothed to Chandramukhi. How the hero handles the consequences, how he saves Chandramukhi’s family from villain and whether he solves Meera’s  issues form the remaining story.


Varun Tej is impressive playing young gentleman and will steal the hearts of young girls with Mister. Compared to her earlier films, Hebah has delivered a mature performance which enhances her beauty onscreen. Lavanya Tripathi is decent in her role and impresses in her traditional look. Nassar has also done a good job in his role. Prudhvi, Srinivas Reddy, Raghu Babu and others generate decent laughs.

Technical Department:

Visuals are highly impressive. Songs are decent but disturb the pace. Background score is okay. Though penned with few twists the story is cliched. Dialogues are not bad but few sound preachy. Editing could have been crisp during the second half. Production values are topnotch.

Director Srinu Vaitla changed his style of film making and has come up with a love story blended with family emotions. However, he would disappoint those who expect comedy on large scale. Had he handled the story with better emotion and entertainment Mister could have been a turning point for him.


Lead cast performance


Few comedy scenes


Songs drag the film


Dragged second half

Final verdict:

Mister is a love story blended with family emotions that will attract the class audiences. Varun Tej impresses with his performance. First half goes decent whereas second half runs out of pace and few scenes test the patience. Watch it for the lead cast performance and the director’s classy touch.


Deccan Report Rating: 2.75/5






Mister Live Updates:

7:05 Showtime! Titles rolling…..

7:10 Clashes between Nassar and Tanikella Bharani in their villages are being showcased

7:15: Varun Tej and Hebah Patel makes entry. Kadhile Lokam song is on…..

7:20: Srinu Vaitla mark comedy scenes featuring Srinivas Reddy and Raghu Babu are on…..

7:25: Varun Tej’s family  scenes are on…..

7:30: Time for the chartbuster! Edho Edho Bagundhe song is on now…..

7:35: Hebah Patel explains Varun Tej about her family and personal life

7:40: Bus-Stop movie hero Prince enters as Siddarth

7:45: Comedy scenes featuring Prudhvi Raj are going on…..

7:50: Varun decides to go to Hebah’s village and solve issues

7:55: Lavanya Tripathi makes an entry as a traditional, village girl

8:00: Kanulake Theliyani song now!

8:05: Fight scene with local rowdies. Varun looks impressive in action scenes

8:15: Twist in the tale! Time for Intermission!

8:30: Scenes featuring Lavanya an her family are on now!

8:40: Bad guys are after Lavanya and Varun saves her from them

8:50: Lavanya’s family likes Varun and decides to mary him to their daughter

9:00: Varun and Lavanya gets engaged. Sayyori song hits!

9:10: Comedy scenes featuring Pelli Choopulu fame Priyadarshi are being showcased

9:15: Hebah Patel arrives at the village. Jhoomore Jhoomore song is on now!

9:25: Interesting scenes featuring Hebah and Lavanya are on

9:35: Climax fight between Varun Tej and villain is going on

9:45:  Film turns emotional and finally ends on a happy note

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Mister Pre-review:

As Mister arrives today both Varun Tej and Srinu Vaitla are about to test their luck at the box office after facing disaster at box office with their last movie. Hope the duo scores a hit and bounce back with the triangular love entertainer.

Title: Mister

Cast: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Mister, Nassar, Prudhvi Raj, Shakalaka Shankar

Music: Mickey J. Meyer

Cinematography: KV Guhan

Editing: MR Varma

Art: AS Prakash

Story: Gopi Mohan

Dialogues: Sreedhar Seepana

Direction: Srinu Vaitla

Production: Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji)

Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Productions

Censor certificate: U/A

Run time: 2:40 hours

Release date: 14th April


Mister appeals to be the story of a young NRI named Chay (Varun Tej) who leaves to his native village to meet his relatives. On his journey to the village he falls in love with Meera, his co-passenger. The love story takes a twist when he finds Chandramukhi attractive as well when he is about to reach the village. Who does he end up marrying and why does he arrive at the village form the rest of the story.


Varun Tej has delivered his best in all his three movies and seems to repeat the same with Mister. His subtle expressions are what brings out the speciality in his performance. Lavanya Tripathi looks gorgeous in traditional look while Hebah Patel steals the young hearts with her beauty. Nassar looks impressive in the role of a countryman.

Technical Department:

Visuals are splendid and are a huge asset for a commercial flick like Mister. Songs are decent and would gradually impress the music lovers. Production values appear to be topnotch. Director Srinu Vaitla has come up with a love story after quite a long time. He even said that he got rid of routine comedy that people noticed in his earlier films. Hope he bounces back with a commercial hit.

Best wishes from Deccan Report to the entire cast and crew of Mister!

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