KCR relaxes after elections

Kcr ,who looked busy these many days for along a time was reported relaxing at his residence. The CM who was seen busy with the public issues and elections has now decided to relax spend time with his family members.

It is known that KTR the only heir of KCR was noticed busy carrying even his father’s duties by extending his political carrier.

the young politician who decided to stand on his words of beautifying this city of Nawab’s Bhayanagaram, our today‚Äôs Hyderbad has visited the banks of most unbearable Musi and Made a plan to keep of the word of Kcr and was even promoted carrying the his times for duties as Minister Of Development the recent days.
How ever the CM KCR who was relaxing was getting more fame through the deeds of KTR and started to be praised by Hyderabadies even in his absence and the way KTR was raising his political career shutting the mouths of opposition and his own political wrenchers remained as a good mark for KCR to keep relaxing. It is known that KTR was the only one behind the glorious and historical victory of trs in GHMC elections

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