Jallikattu protest inspires AP Youth

Jallikattu protest inspires AP Youth

The ongoing issue in Tamilnadu, Jallikattu protest has gone viral allover India and has been the talk even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. After a peaceful protest from the youth of Tamilnadu the state government lifted ban on the cultural sport.

Inspired by the spirit of Tamilnadu youth, netizens from AP have stepped forward to join a peaceful protest for the cause of special status for the state. Many of the local facebook pages have also united and have been trending with the hashtag #APDemandsSpecialStatus since morning.

Many have also decided to assemble for the protest on 26th of January and chosen their venue i.e. RK beach, Vizag. Actor Sampoornesh Babu responed and expressed that he will be joining them at the venue on 26th.

Here is the exclusive image that is going viral through social networking sites!



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