His love toward crime killed everyone – Sobiya Bharmal

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Hasnain’s love and passion crime made me loose my family members stated Sobiya Bharmal, victim and witness of Thane murders. She saved herself by locking alone in a room when Hasnain tried to kill her stated the police. When one of the police officer said that her baby is fine in other room she just looked at him anger and said “i know that she was no more, i saw Hasnain slitting all my family members” said an office to media

As per her Hasnain, who is keenly interested in crime news and stories invited all his family members for a dinner and made their stomach full with chicken and kebabs. Later made his wife to serve cool drinks which Sobiya refused to take and later this helped her saving her life. After having cool drink before sleep everyone turned unconscious and then Hasnain started cutting the throats of his family members which she observed from first floor but was helpless and in confusion even when she saw him cutting the throat of her only little girl.

She pushed off Hasnain and then locked herself in a room with injuries on neck and cheeks and started to scream for help when Hasnain knocked her door. But later when neighbors are about to wake the typical criminal minded crime lover Hasnain hanged himself holding knife said the victim. She even refused to open door out of fear when neighbor’s tried to rescue her said one of the neighbor and even stated that he was about to faint when he saw the dead bodies in pool of blood. Thus now police had a clear and clarity information to close the case with statement of Sobiya

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