Higher consumption of sweets means growing old early…?


People of all ages right from kids to old most likely to eat sweets, there are more people who love to eat sweets, even not having any health benefits they love to eat sweets just because of its sweet taste, however the anti-aging properties will come in reach quickly with sweets.

Health experts says that consumption of sweets will start the process of Glycation in our body, this will stop the body cells to absorb proteins causes cells appear to be weak and seems like 40 years at the age of 30 it self and show the signs of old age quickly.

Liver is one of the most important part of human body, as good as liver works as good as skin will be. If liver works well toxins will go out which can be harmful to human skin , so we need to avoid alcohol, wine and intake of coffee, stall food has to stop and also taking of salt pepper sweets more moderately to be healthy says therapists.

High intake of green food diet would be prevent from aging quickly. So, Follow these precautions to prevent it from quickly find shades of old age.

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