Guru review, rating and public talk

Guru review, rating and public talk

Here is the exclusive Guru review, rating and public talk!

Veteran tollywood hero victory Venkatesh’s Guru has hit the screens today. The film is a remake of Tamil movie Irudhi Suttru and Sudha Kongara who directed it has also helmed the mega phone for its remake. Hope Venky bounces back with his latest release.

Title: Guru

Cast: Venkatesh, Rithika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar, Nassar

Music: Santhosh Narayan

Cinematography: K.A. Sakthivel

Editing: Sathish Suriya

Story: Sudha Kongara Prasad

Producer: S. Shashikanth

Director: Sudha Kongara Prasad

Censor certificate: U

Run time: 1:56 hours

Release date: 31st March


Aditya (Venkatesh) is a tough boxing coach who is immensely passionate about his sport. At the same time, he least respects the board members of boxing and thus always ends up with an issue. After a conflict between him and one of the board members Aditya gets transferred to Vizag where there is not much scope for boxing.

After landing in Vizag, he happens to notice Ramudu (Rithika Singh), a slum girl. He immediately connects to her tough and fearless attitude and decides to train her for women’s boxing. However Ramudu does not show much interest in the sport and later goes against Aditya for certain reasons. How she realizes the value of boxing, what troubles she would face later and how she wins the national boxing championship in the end form the rest of the story.


Venkatesh has come up with an out and out intense performance and has done ultimate justice to the role of a tough boxing coach. His character in Guru is surely the best character in recent times and will be winning the accolades. Rithika Singh steals the show as Ramudu. Her attitude and chemistry with Venky holds the audiences’ interest till the end. Nassar and Zakir Hussain were quite good in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography is topnotch. Songs are impressive and background score forms the backbone of the film. Crisp editing is quite an advantage and kept it engaging till the end. Production values are good. Dialogues are natural and impressive as well. Director Sudha Kongara’s story and screenplay are exceptionally penned and the lady film maker executed the film to its best.


Venkatesh, Rithika Singh

Emotional scenes




Few slow dragging scenes

Lack of commercial elements

Final verdict:

Guru is a well written, intense sports drama that has been executed on to the big screen to its best. Venkatesh and Rithika Singh will memerise the audiences with their outstanding performances. Few dragging scenes and lack of commercial elements are  definitely a major drawback. Watch it for the refreshing plot and Venky-Rithika’s chemistry.


Deccan Report Rating: 3/5

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