Everything ready for Vijayawada and Vizag metro ?

Union goverment has given out AP government to seek funds from International agencies to complete the metro rail projects in both Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam. The Japan international cooperation agency has come forward to deal with the same and they are sort to produce and provide funds for this metro rail project. The expenditure and other requirements are going to be so huge and ZICA team is now on tour for Vijayawda regarding the same. AP government has its own views terms and conditions to deal with ZICA all the way. The time period is taken out as 40 years to pay back the loan taken from them with 3% interest rate on the higher range. ZICA earlier offered the funds to Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata metro rail projects . The past experience for Zica might rule out on positive stand for them soon. Lets see how things might go positive way for Vijayawada and Vizag as people over there are much more interested on metro rail project. It’s also what chandrababu naidu government has promised them for a reasonable range during 2014 election. \

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