Arnab Goswami fires Om Puri for his tweets

Indian news journalist Arnab Goswami fired Om Puri on his on the newshour, his live debate show. Veteran bollywood actor Om Puri has tweeted through his twitter account recently about the soldiers who lost their lives in Terrorist URI attack. Om Puri tweeted, “Who asked them to join the army, did we? What’s the big […]


Indian army videos

The first thing that comes to our mind when we speak about courage and patriotism is Indian Army. Para troopers, military tanks, commanders, etc. Everyone come together to fight for the protection of nation. Soldiers risk their lives most of the times to protect innocent lives from terrorists and other criminals. It is not at […]


Bad News for Jio sim users

Bad News for Jio sim users! Showering the smart phone users with exclusive offers Mukesh Ambani has released the new ‘Jio Digital Life’ sim card. Many have been waiting to buy the sim while some already bought it. Now the company has come up with a shocking list of certain conditions. Check them out! 1. […]